Saturday, January 9, 2010

UStream on Wednesdays

House of 3 gals have started Wednesday nights UStream live.  They teach inpire give away freebies and just have fun.  If you can't watch live you can go and watch at a later time here. Just need to log onto Ustream. The first one had 150 of us in the chat room, last wednesday there were almost 500. It was crazy. charlie connected my laptop up to our 42 flat screen. They unleased a new House of 3 kit, demo had use print and assemble.  next wednesday is on the Silhoutte.  They have partnered with the company that makes the Silhoutte machine and you can now download House of 3 images and cut away.  I have the cricut and love it however I know once they get done with me, I will want a Silhoutte. It's different as you only purchase the images you want where the cricut you buy a cartridge full of images. Wish they would partner with cricut too.
man i need a bigger craft room.

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