Saturday, July 24, 2010

That was then this is Now.

Russian Family Reunion Show Low Arizona. What a great weekend. More pictures to follow.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Twentytwo years ago- All Because Two People Feel In Love

This is going to be a great weekend in the mountains. Twentytwo years ago we celebrated our first Russian family reunion. This weekend we gather again in the mountains, hoping for some good weather. I speant most of the night putting together a 20x30 family collage.  There are just so many great family photos, and trying to make sure no one has been left out with a family our size.  Family is coming as far as Germany and as close as Arizona. Close to 50 of us.  A big picnic is planned, food, softball, games, and family pictures. Everyone has rented cabins, and im very excited to see the 5,000 sq foot home we are sharing with my family and my brothers family. 14 of us in all. Sunday we'll have a brunch at our place. Checking off my to do list to make sure nothing is left behind. I volunteered to make the sign for our group photo and come up with a couple of games. The game thing not going so well. But have prizes for family traveling the furtherest, oldest family member, youngest family member, and family with the most members in attendance.  Also picked up a Pinata for the kiddies.  Lots going on, wishing for a huge success in loving memory of Mom and Dad. We love you now and forever! 

                                            This was then..........July 1988

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spreading the Word

When ever I'm lead to a new website I love being able to spread the word to the scrapbook world.  Ali Edwards led me here Simple Stories.  If you go back to the June posting you can watch a quick video showing how quick and simple a page can be created using Simple Stories products.  We know we all love simple right?

Nature's Beauty

This was taken a couple weeks back when we spent time with family up in the mountains. No matter which direction you point your camera there's a great picture to be taken.  Being almost 35 degrees cooler than the valley, makes for some peaceful and relaxing down time.  Very blessed.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

It will be two years this month that my mother joined my father in their heavnly home.
today I celebrate her life and her birthday. I miss her so much and cherish the memories I have of her. She was so loving and caring, and family meant the world to her.  Most of the pictures I have of her she has a baby on her lap or is loving being with family. She loved her children and grandchildren so much. They always brought a smile to face. I know she would have loved to be able to be a part of their lives growing up but know she has a front row seat from the heavens.  Because of her (and my father) we will be celebrating their lives this summer with a Russian family reunion. first in 23 years. They are both responsible for so many lives, hence the saying "all because two people fell in love" When ever i see that quote I think of them.