Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day at our house

I was up at 5am to begin the family Christmas dinner. Most preped the night before but still alot yet to do when your cooking for a big bunch. Stuff the turkey, make the dressing, roast the prime rib, make the gravy. Rolls done, pie done, veggies done.  Charlie assits with the final meal prepping.  I've always loved cooking for my family and our Holiday meal together is very special to me. Still lots of time to relax together, enjoy our coffee and share our personal gift exchange with one another. Our 35th Christmas. We are blessed.

The kids began by one. We started the pictures of course as each family arrived. Never can have to many pictures at Christmas. We ended up taking over 100 pictures. The little ones waited patiently with great anticipation. Organizing the gifts and getting ready to tear in.  They went full blast opening their stacks of gifts. Don't think they would ever be able to take turns opeing one gift at a time as they watched one another. Maybe one day when they get alittle older.  Its fun now watching them at this age.

We decided this year that the adults would draw a name for secret santa and also have our first ever white elephant gift exchange.  Great decision. This was alot of fun and guessing we will do it now every year. Lots of stealing going on as all the gifts were great choices.  It was a wonderful Christmas and we are blessed to be able to share it together as a family.  The house is quite now, I'm worn out and unfortunately have to work tomorrow. Need to decide how long to leave up the decorations. hmmm  What a Merry Christmas! Perfect

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watercolor effect

Charlie took one of his pictures and with photoshop turned it into a watercolor

A few pictures of the tree

Charlie pulled out our first sony digital camera. One we bought years ago because it had a great zoom for sports. He decided to read up on the many other features it also had that we probably never used. It's a big camera, but took some great close up pictures.  I had Ella look into one of the reflective ornaments so he could capture a bit of a differnt angle.  I like how it turned out..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lights Action!

I love my chalk board, but even more than ever now. My hubby brought power to it, along with a time switch.  Doesn't get much better than that.  Every holiday will be up in lights!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to our first born son.

Thirtyfour years ago we were blessed with our first child, our son Charlie. It was a cold snowy winter night in Danville Illinois when I went into labor. Charlie was working a night shift at an elementary school maintaince. We were trying to recall how I contacted him to let him know I was on may wayt to the hospital, (no cell phones way back then) neither one of us could recall, hence the importance of journaling.  We both we unsure what to expect, and excited at the same time.  A last minute decision was to deliver the baby by C-Section, baby's head appreared to be to big to fit out. Lucky me, very little labor but enough to know I was happy not to have to experience much more. Our Healthly baby boy came into the world at 10:38pm. We were both so young, but eagar to begin our lives as new parents.
 Tonight we celebrated Charlie's 34th birthday with him, his family and a few close friends. We are so proud of the fine young man he's become. You can't really ask for anything more than that. The years pass and before you know it your children have children of their own.  Family memories are the best.