Friday, October 30, 2009

April and Bre

Randall transforming from Peter Parker

Darth Dallas, Zella and Ella kittens

More FUN photos!

Amy and Randall

Halloween Stars

We had the family together for our Halloween party! Decorated the back yard, with spider webs, candles and a bon fire.  Cooked, hot wings, sliders, hot cheese dip, home made mac and cheese, and charlies favorite, texas sheet cake. A few of Aprils friends also joined us, Olivia and her daughter Isa, and Brea, who's just moved back to AZ. The kids all looked great. Charlie got creative with photo shop and put a few pictures on comic book covers.  I made halloween buckets for each of the little ones, filled with treats and a few crafts, plus a little halloween stuffed bear dressed as a kitty cat to top it off.
The little ones are growing up fast. I want to take advantage of the times they still enjoy dressing up in costumes and treasure the memories we make.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

TEXT MASK- love this technique

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a word is just the thing you need to enhance a special photo. Creating a customized photo mat gives your project a personalized touch. In just a few minutes, you can make your scrapbook page one-of-a-kind! creative autohor Sara HortonI

I got some great pictures from a co-worker who just returned from her vacation to Italy and Ireland.  I've just learned how to take a picture and mask a text to it. I love the look of adding a word to your photo. you can even do this process around the entire photo. You can learn how to apply a text mask to your photos here. Always feel great to learn a new digital technique.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebrating Randall's 22nd Birthday

The family was all together for Randall's 22nd birthday.  I grilled NY strips and chicken breast along with baked potatoes and garlic bread.  I topped it all off with a chocolate ice cream cake. Must of been good the grandkids each had 2 pieces!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Pictures of Girls day out!

Together Creating Memories

Creating Together

Several times a year we plan a girls get together.  This past Monday, we all gathered at Lisa's house for our girls day. Terri and her mom Julie drove down from Prescott, Paula and her mom Pat, along with my daughter in-law Jill  all gathered for a fun day together.  We try to come up with a project that each of us can make our own.  This project  was a 24x30 Christmas canvas. Terri and her mother cut 3x3 assorted christmas paper, so we each would have 64 squares to individaully arrange. We then will add assorted embelishments to create a Christmas canvas collage that we can each add our holiday family pictures to each year. The best part is just sharing time together, telling stories, laughing, and enjoying great food.  Unfortunately We only got as far as our paper layouts, some of us had a bit of a gluing "situation"! Time just goes by to fast when your having fun.  I will post pictures as each of the girls finish their own canvas. Can't wait to see them all. 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haunted Halloween Book @ Scrapbook Barn

Jill and I took our first class at Scrapbook barn in gilbert.  The instructor was Dana Edwards, it was the first time we had also been to one of her classes.  The class was a hauted halloween book. When I saw it displayed last week at Scrapbook barn I knew it would be a great class to take as it has a lot on techniques that I've wanted to learn. My dauther-inlaw Jill took the class with me.  It always makes the class more enjoyable when you go with someone you know, plus Jill is a pro and helped me keep up.

It is decorated with spooky, haunted embellishments.  We used the new My Minds Eye Spider's Web paper.  The paper was doubled sided and  we decorated  it using embellishments that represent halloween.  A couple cool techniques included spray dyes on canvas, using masks and stitching beads on canvas, plus an awesome piano hinge binding with skewers, topped off with glow in the dark glitter! It was a 4 hour class, however Jill and I were the first to finish in 4 hours and fourty five minutes......It was a fun class and learned some new things which always makes us happy in the world of scrapbooking. Thanks Dana, loved your class!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

An amazing women....Stephanie Nielson

Stephanie Nielson is an amazing women. A short video a must to watch, just click HERE

A terrifying plane crash left blogger Stephanie Nielson with burns on more than 80 percent of her body. Watch as Andrea, a stay-at-home mom who admits that she takes motherhood for granted, visits Stephanie and observes her daily struggles. What this survivor taught Andrea about life's simple joys.

Her story......
When Stephanie Nielson started keeping an online journal about family vacations, changing seasons and the simple joys of motherhood, she was a 23-year-old mother of three. Four years, one child and hundreds of posts later, Stephanie has become a well-known mommy blogger with thousands of followers.

Since the first post in 2005, Stephanie's uplifting, humorous stories have inspired people across the country. Now, fans of her blog, NieNie Dialogues, have one more reason to admire this devoted wife and mother of four.

On August 16, 2008, Stephanie and her husband, Christian, were flying across Arizona when the small plane they were on crashed into the desert. It exploded on impact.

Doug Kinneard, the pilot, suffered fatal injuries and died 24 hours later. Christian and Stephanie made it out alive…but just barely.

Christian says he remembers every terrifying moment of the crash. "The whole sequence of events that transpired that ultimately ended in a crash, that was frightening," he says. "But getting out and accounting for Stephanie and Doug…it was heart-wrenching and just terrible."

When the plane hit the ground, Christian broke his back and ankle, yet he still managed to wrench the door open and help Stephanie escape the burning wreckage. "I kicked a path so that we could both find an area to stop, drop and roll and extinguish the flames on our body," he says. "I had my third-grade teacher in my head."

Christian saved Stephanie's life that day, but for the next three months, no one knew what sort of life she'd be able to lead.  continue reading here.................

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Zella My Son

Looking for a relative easy Halloween project? Check this out. Comes complete with instructions and free templates from Country Living. All you need are a few pumpkins, black and white acrylic pants and the free printed templates provided.

                                                                                  Dana Gallaher
Written by Jessica Dodell-Fede

Savannah stylist Liz Demos skipped the carving knife and went straight for a paintbrush to fashion these graphic pumpkins. "With a stark black-and-white palette," Demos says of her trio of bold designs, "you can make any pattern, even creepy insects, look downright chic."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Decorations for Halloween are unpacked

Finally unpacked the Halloween decorations. Most of them are from years past, when I did alot of painting. Each year I try to scale it down some, as it can get out of hand., however with the grandkids now, I love to decorate for all the holidays.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My first digital scrapbook page

This is my first digital scrapbook page, very exciting. It was a free tutorial provided by Jessica Sprague.  I have learned quite a bit from her web site. It was easier than I thought it was going to be. My sister inlaw Terri, is so talented, during a visit up to Prescott, we made these "remember the date" books.Great way to help remember those special dates, Loved how they turned out.

Fall Break

Today is the first day of our week fall break. We slept in, had coffee then hopped on the motorcycle for an early morning ride to the Farmhouse in Gilbert for their famous breakfast.  It was our first time there, not much parking so we drove to the back of the building and parked, there appeared to be a back door intrance so when I saw someone who looked like an employee I asked if this door was the way in, and she said yes, so we followed her only to discover we were walking through their actual kitchen, right there with the short order cooks, "think it's kinda funny" and "I think it's kinda strange". May have been a bit of a language barrier. Small place only about 16 tables. If your ever driving down Gilbert road on the weekend you'll know where it is because there's always a long line waiting.  Food and service was good, but don't think I'd ever stand in a long line to get in. Always fun trying somewhere new, lived in AZ 30 years so good time to give it a try.Great weather, great ride, great company=perfect morning.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who Knew.....Rhonna that's who!

Who knew pumpkins could be so darn cute. Look what Rhonna has created! Love them off to the store to get some.  Don't you just adore all of House of 3's new Halloween stuff. Rhonna's blog rules!


Ok we were heading to the midwest to enjoy a bit of fall, however weather has taken a turn and it's now 30-40 degrees at night and 40-50's during the day. Not good especially since it's so nice in arizona right now. We've put our trip on hold, just can't afford catching that early winter cold and spend our fall break sick. missing my best friend and not getting to the covered bridge festival makes me sad..  going to keep a look at the weather map to see if anything changes, you know it does that in the midwest.  Last year we went and it was actually hot during the covered bridge festival in indiana. I hate changing plans at the last hour.......

Monday, October 5, 2009

Had a great saturday morning with my sister-inlaw Terri and her mom and dad at CKC Convention in Glendale. Terri and her mom are so talented and always have such great ideas when it comes to the scrapbook world. Got there early so we didn't have to dodge all those crazed die hard scrapbooking women. It amazes me on the money that gets spent on paper and embellishments. The scrapbook industry is a 3 billion dollar a year business and the economy hasn't seemed to slow it down. Just wish I was getting a chunk of the revenue instead of contributing to it. Well we call it therapy, and it's definitely addicting.Purchased some cute Halloween products to make for the grandkids, now just need to get the projects completed in time, that's always the challenge.   

My Father

Oh how I love all the old pictures. Especially ones of my parents. Now that they are both gone I appreciate them even more. this is one of my favorite ones of my dad. He loved to fly. After his heart attack he could no longer fly, however I remember after my son Charlie got his pilots license he took my dad up with him.  I know he was so proud of Charlie getting his pilots license. He loved being able to fly with Charlie as he was no longer able to go up himself. To my surprise when they retruned home, my dad told me Chralie let him do a landing, yikes! They both scored each other's landing. Those are the memories I know my son will cherish as do I. I sure miss my dad.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The weather was perfect saturday night for a motorcycle ride to catch the light rail to the Octoberfest. I think everyone in Tempe was there. It was crazy crowed, but well worth the trip to see Trey at the Dunkin Cops fundraiser. Charlie still has the arm and was successful in dunking the cop. It was great seeing Mike, Cami and especially Trey.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Join in this weekend!

What a beautiful morning! Looks like maybe the heat has finally broken, and the reason we live here will soon be upon us.  If your free this weekend head out to Tempe Town Lake  for some great fun. Dunkin Cops fundraiser for Trey's Treasure's.

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