Monday, September 26, 2011


Well almost. I was going to sell the new chalkboard but decided I may have the perfect place for it. Yep in my little craft room.  Just need to get crafty now that I have a few days off, but first have a bunch of cleaning, dusting and organizing before I can make anything in here. Then I imagine that I will be worn out after I'm done.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Magnetic Chalkboard

Don't ever throw away a frame or even an old mirror.  This was a mirror to an old dresser that wasn't getting used, and you know I can't turn down turning anything into a chalkboard, and magnetic too!  Thanks to my hubby for doing all the labor prep work, sand, prime and paint.  Then we got a piece of sheet metal cut to size. Primed the sheet metal then rolled on some good ole chalkboard paint. I may still distress it a bit to give it more of a shabby chic look and it will hang in the basement family room. Everyone loves them for doodling on and even writing a few love notes here and there.  I'm Thinking about selling a few of these on Craigs list so stay tuned.