Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vintage Wedding shopping

April's wedding isn't till March, but I'm taking advantage of having time on my side. As the months draw closer there will be plenty of stress to go around for us all. Today the wedding collection has begun with two beautiful gray damask chairs that i thought would be perfect for the Bride and Groom's table. The vintage suit case will be for guests to put wedding cards in. I found the perfect coordinating yellow and gray papers from Papervineyard, in Chandler, to make a banner to string across the inside. It's a beginning to a beautiful spring wedding. Also in the works will be a vintage tag for the back of each chair, MR & MRS. Thank goodness for Pinterest right?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sweet Salvage- Antiques & so much more

How did I not know about Sweet Salvage? Well today I got to meet her and the wonderful women that are the heart and soul behind the magical doors. I received a phone call a couple days ago asking if I would be able to make some of my Cakepops for their store opening today. Celebrating their 1st Birthday, with a perfect event theme "Let them eat cake", BTW thanks Phoenix New Times for the mention.  It was only a few days ago I ran across an article about Sweet Salvage, so immediately I went to facebook to find them. Yes I fell in love with just one look at their Sweet blog photos. If you like vintage, one of a kind everything you must make the drive. No time to think as they are only opened 4 days a month, the 3 week of each month, Thurs-Sun. Now that's enough to make you go jump in your car now.  My daughter April came along to help me set up my Cakepops on their adorable desert table, located perfectly at the front door. I could of spent the day there had it not been for my other job getting in the way...again. Everything displayed was as if it had a life of it's own, just waiting to be taken to a new home to be loved. Before the doors were opened and the patiently waiting crowd was allowed in, April and I were lucky to have some time to quickly walk the store. As leaving we did notice the line did wraped around the building Yes I'll be back. Just take a look at a few pictures I took and you'll see why.  Enjoy and you still have 3 days left to plan your visit there. Inspiring is their story, an idea and women who believed they could make it come to life, so SWEET it is.
Happy Birthday Sweet Salvage and many many more to come! 

If you have a special day, celebration or event, Cakepops are the perfect sweet to serve your guests coming back for more.  Take a look at what I've made here on my Cakepops101 facebook page. I'm in Chandler, AZ and just a phone call or email away.   Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Handheld Pies by Sara Billingsley & Rachel Wharton

Who doesn't love a great cook book? One of my weaknesses, especially if they have great photos of the recipes.  Since we are going to do a desert table at April's wedding, I'm on the look out for different types of mini deserts to help fill the table. Handheld Pies, I found at Joann's for $12.99 with my 40% off coupon or you can find it here on Amazon. I will usually look through a book to see if I think I will make something out of it, at least one recipe anyway justifies the purchase in my book anyway. A meal cooked at home is an easy $30-$40 savings right.? But the pictures and the ease of the recipe are usually what sells me.  This book if filled with handheld pies of all kinds, but also as a bonus there are a few surprises in it also. I'm proud to say I've only had the book a week and I dove it and made something I've never made before.  Shepard Pie. They were so easy to make, and they way they were served up in the book even made me run out and purchase some pint size mason jars.  I also stopped by Dilly Deli and bought a few of their bread bowls to fill with the remaining Shepard's pie ingredients and bake in the oven, just till the bowls got crispy. They were so good, and proved to be a quick meal to throw together.  Ground beef, onions, diced carrots, peas, corn, beef broth and a bit of flour, salt pepper to taste. Mashed potatoes to add to the top, just warm and let the potatoes brown a bit. I even added some shredded cheese to the tops of my potatoes. They didn't last long, and I would recommend the bread bowls for nice individual servings.

      Authors Sara Billingsley and Rachel Wharton put together a sweet little book that's had a lot to offer.