Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day Two-

Ok two steps forward and one back. Helped Charlie with front yard landscaping. The great thing about desert landscapping is you can get away with doing it about every 3-4 months, however we did manage to fill the entire back of his truck bed.  Then off to the dump to unload.  Ok I have to confess the guy unloading right next to us left me something that i was compelled to bring back home. You've heard of Trash to treasures.  Couldn't resist. Two picture frames and an awesome file box, I did throw out the all the guys court papers he left in it tho.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting Organized and then some

My 21 day challenge begins today, with getting organized. I'm sure this stems from my childhood, and not liking clutter. By no means am I a neat freak, however clutter free and organized makes me smile and smiling is always a great end result. So I begin day one of my 21 day challenge packing away my little Halloween treasures until next year. Which of course also means moving on to unpacking my little turkey's.  oh yeah also need to change my blog background......

21 Day Challenge with Rhonna

21 Day Challenge  This is such a great daily inspirational journey that Rhonna has created for all of us to join in. day ONE here we go.