Thursday, December 24, 2009

Relax time

Made a huge pan of lasagna so it would get us though a couple of days on the go. Im thankful my family will eat leftovers.  Pleanty of cooking tomorrow. 

Missed a day

I spent the whole day shopping yesterday, now it's Charlies job to wrap everything tonight joined with some hot coffee and old movies.  While at Target some man pushing his daughter in a cart almost ran into me, I got out of the way only shaking my head at him, he said something rude, and i just turned and said "Merry Christmas"! It's been hard getting into the mood this year.  I also think businesses will feel the crunch once they tally up their $$$$.  Looking forward to cooking our big Christmas meal tomorrow, Prime rib, turkey and all the fixins. When ever i cook I  reflect back on my father and all he taught me in the kitchen. I'm so thankful for all he's passed on to me.  I also want to pass his kitchen wisdom onto the next generation.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new.

I have had the same dining room table for at least 15 years. today I gave it up to my son charlie and his wife jill. It was a old oak table that has been in our family for over 50+ years and been refinished seveal times. Solid, heavy and has definately held up over the years of kids, and several moves. . I told them they couldn't get rid of it but it was theirs to now love and enjoy. It didn't serve our family at our big dinners. someone also got stuck sitting at the bar alone. So I've been looking for a table that would work for us. Yeah today my wish was answered. A casual table that can seat 8. It began the back of our truck, and ended in our dining room.

the delivery

                                                              labeled parts is good

the fun begins

still two more chairs to assemble. thanks babe!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Unsual Contact

Today Charlie and I were going to lunch, we were approached by a young man, maybe 25-30 walking through the parking lot.  He had a plastic gas can in his hand and asked if I had some money so he could go buy some gas. I responded sorry, no I didn't. He immediately moved on to the next car when a young women was getting her small children out of her car to take them to a movie, again he asked, do you have $7 to fill my gas can.  She began to dig in her purse looking for something to give him. She said I know I don't have $7.  I guess with each no he gets, he ups the amount needed to fill his 1 gallon gas can.
Not sure if she gave him anything but it was a new approach to pan handling, as that's against the law.
Funny thing is there was no gas station within a couple of miles from the shopping area he was strolling through.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reconnect with FB

Have you ever lost touch with a relative and wish you could reconnect? Well I have a cousin that I wanted to locate. So I went to my facebook and did a search. No results, however I knew the name of her son. Searched his name, and 4 came up, so I sent an email to the first one as he actually resembled my cousin. Just asked is your mothers name Nancy. He replied same day with only a "yes". Sent a reply letting him know how I was related to her and named her mothers and fathers name. got another reply, yes they are my grandparents! Amazing. He told his mom and gave her my phone number, so hopefully she will call. He seemed to be excited also as he said he didn't have much family. Well we sure don't lack in that area, as our parents have 13 children combined and probablay around 40 grandkids. not to include spouses and great-grandkids.  I hope we can reconnect as it's been 20 years. We have both lost both parents and have so much to catch up on. My cousin was an only child so hopefully will also welcome the reunion.  Now I want to go through my old pictures and find some with us together that I can share with her. By the end of the day he and I were FB friends.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Tree Angel

The Angel is On

Charlie put the angel on the top of the tree.  One of the many benefits to have a tall man. My grandson actually said after we finished decorating the tree, "grandma you forgot to put the angel on top of the tree" he actually thought I was tall enough. Through the eyes of a child anything is possible. I told him we had to wait for grandpa to get home.  I made my tree top angel about 10 years ago, and she's still holding up. I made her out of a empty 2 liter pop bottle.

Last week of work, then I need to get busy shopping for the grandkids. It's kinda sad as I walked the store looking for a birthday gift for Ella's 6th Birthday I could find very little that she didn't already have at some point of her life. Ended up getting her a cute little warm outfit for school and a little stuffed kitty. She loves kitty's. glad she is happy and settles for the stuffed kind. Also saw a cute idea on a blog that we may do to welcome Ella home on Monday.  Wrap her bedroom door and stick cute little surprises on the door. ie. dollar store.....

I was going though some old black and white pictures of when I was a child.  They always make me sad because, I can't remember those days, but they also make me happy that at least I have the pictures. I want to start scanning them all and journaling with them. I think they also make me sad because I miss my mom and dad so much. We always had such a good time when they both would come out and visit us durning the holidays. When I lost my father 9 years ago and my mom became ill, I knew there were going to be days like these. Those were hard days but the comfort in just holding my moms hand. This picture was taken durning her final days. The crazy part is that I tried to take the picture of us holding hands, because she always liked someone holding her hand, she had such a strong grip, up to the day before we lost her. Well the camera didn't click or flash didn't go off, so I thought oh no I need to charge the battery and  i try again at a later time....There was no later time. I lost my mother the next day. But some time later I was down loading my pictures from her service and there is was! Us holding hands, I cried but so thankful somehow.....the picture took.......I love you mom and dad and miss you so.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

got 3 projects done today. all gifts. yeah a good day.
Charlie enjoys seeing what effect he can create using PSE. Here he took some of the pictures I took of the grandkids decorating the Christmas tree. He likes making the pictures look like a drawing, simular to a comic strip book.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Tree is Decorated!

Happy 6th Birthday Ella!

Pizza party, family celebrating my grandaugher's 6th birthday.  We ordered pizza, sang, opened gifts and enjoyed an awesome Chocolate cake from uppercrust bakery. Planned on decorating the tree but I ran out of energy. 

Busy week

Thank goodness I'm off this week from work.  Getting ready for Christmas, finally decorating our tree, finishing my cards, my grandaughters 6th birthday, and now just need to get a few lights up outside.

The countdown contiues. One more week of work next week then off for 10 days... I love my time off!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This month goes by so fast. Half over......

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Final finishing touches to the Christmas cards then off to mail. When  I decided this year I was finally going to make my cards, I picked something very simple. Well looking simple and being simple are not necessarily the same.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Countdown

i absolutely love house of 3. if i had the time i would spend all day playing with all of the awesome digital images i have purchased from them. they can be used in so many different creatative ways, over and over, no mess no clean up just me and my laptop. my recent purchse is the christmas countdown numbers, and christmas boaders. since i still haven't finished making my christmas cards i don't have the time to make this Heidi Swapp Christmas countdown, her dec.5th post, but instead will use the beautiful countdown numbers on my blog and fb. love them. no pressure 17 DAYS, i haven't purchared one gift. well i heard yesterday something funny, mem only need ONE day to shop, christmas eve. i wonder could i ever do that, i think not. one of my brothers uses this method and seems to do just fine every year. this year is going to be simple for me, no added stress, enjoy the moments and memories we create with each other. way to much money is speant this time of year. i understand this is a personal decision as to what christmas means to them. i've been there more times then i care to remember. the commerical side is just nuts. when we must shop, what we must buy and how many.  just have the assembly left to my christmas cards, then mail, so on dasher, on dancer prancer and vixen......comet and cupid donner and did santa's reindeer get their names?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Captain Sully

Remember Miracle on the Hudson? Our company had an employee only event which I had the pleasure of attending. It was a book signing of Captain Sully's new book just released.  It was also my oldest son's birthday and I thought a personalized signed book would make a nice gift.   The landing of the US Airways jet on the Hudson Im sure will be remembered for quite some time.

Barrett's Thanksgiving

December Countdown and November catch up

Ok, needless to say the last two weeks have been crazy busy.  Although it's December 7th, yikes..still have some November catch up with some family Thanksgiving pictures.

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