Thursday, December 24, 2009

Missed a day

I spent the whole day shopping yesterday, now it's Charlies job to wrap everything tonight joined with some hot coffee and old movies.  While at Target some man pushing his daughter in a cart almost ran into me, I got out of the way only shaking my head at him, he said something rude, and i just turned and said "Merry Christmas"! It's been hard getting into the mood this year.  I also think businesses will feel the crunch once they tally up their $$$$.  Looking forward to cooking our big Christmas meal tomorrow, Prime rib, turkey and all the fixins. When ever i cook I  reflect back on my father and all he taught me in the kitchen. I'm so thankful for all he's passed on to me.  I also want to pass his kitchen wisdom onto the next generation.


  1. what time should we be there? can't wait for family time and good food!
    jill b

  2. gonna eat 1pm. enjoy Christmas Eve with your family, tell them all we said Merry Christmas!


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