Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last week of work, then I need to get busy shopping for the grandkids. It's kinda sad as I walked the store looking for a birthday gift for Ella's 6th Birthday I could find very little that she didn't already have at some point of her life. Ended up getting her a cute little warm outfit for school and a little stuffed kitty. She loves kitty's. glad she is happy and settles for the stuffed kind. Also saw a cute idea on a blog that we may do to welcome Ella home on Monday.  Wrap her bedroom door and stick cute little surprises on the door. ie. dollar store.....

I was going though some old black and white pictures of when I was a child.  They always make me sad because, I can't remember those days, but they also make me happy that at least I have the pictures. I want to start scanning them all and journaling with them. I think they also make me sad because I miss my mom and dad so much. We always had such a good time when they both would come out and visit us durning the holidays. When I lost my father 9 years ago and my mom became ill, I knew there were going to be days like these. Those were hard days but the comfort in just holding my moms hand. This picture was taken durning her final days. The crazy part is that I tried to take the picture of us holding hands, because she always liked someone holding her hand, she had such a strong grip, up to the day before we lost her. Well the camera didn't click or flash didn't go off, so I thought oh no I need to charge the battery and  i try again at a later time....There was no later time. I lost my mother the next day. But some time later I was down loading my pictures from her service and there is was! Us holding hands, I cried but so thankful somehow.....the picture took.......I love you mom and dad and miss you so.


  1. What a touching story! So glad you posted it

  2. So touching, makes me think of my mom. I was painting Ella's fingernails the other night and we were talking about the shape of her nails and her fingers, then she said mom you have the same hands as Grandma. I do have the same hands as my mom, I wish I had a picture like you. What a blessing that was.


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