Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Fancy Farmgirl

                                  Another beautiful blog to visit and add to your favorites. The fancy Farmgirl

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time To Share

Remember what you learned in kindergarten, it's always nice to share, so I'm sharing a great blog I found,  go check it out, lots of awesome ideas to repurpose so many different things.... especially for little ones.  Make It and Love It  I love Ashley's flip flops she's created. Maybe my next project, can never have to many flip flops right? Will post pictures later.....Aren't Blogs the best!

Friday, May 21, 2010

April's Graduation Party

April's graduation party was a huge success, and so much celebrating her big day with family and great friends. My two closests friends flew out,  Brenna from Illinois and Gail from Georgia. They were such a big help in making the party go picture perfect.  Gail spent several days sewing custom table cloths for the cocktail height tables april rented. They were awesome and made with love. Brenna dipped chocolate, grapes and pretzels the entire morning. She could start her own business with her creations. They are both such sweet dear friends.  April had a couple requests, the big one was that I didn't cook, she didn't want me to have to stress and do all the work it would take preparing food for 70 guests.  So glad we hired a great caters, and everyone loved the food they prepared. April also wanted a DJ and a Bartender.  We weren't to sure about the DJ as we live in a neighborhood and not sure how the loud music would go over. Charlie went and talked to all the close neighbors and they were very understanding. The bartender was the best suggestion, as there was a professional handling the acohol and controled the evening well.  Although there was line dancing on the cool deck, no one ended up in the pool. We thought that was a sure thing.  Lots of great pictures taken by my daughter inlaw Jill, the are all posted on my facebook.  A night to remember for April and everyone close to her.  Here's a few pictures of what I did make. Painted two cheap clay pots with chalk board paint, added some gold ribbon and a flower, to hold forks and knives. Made a banner, with a little bling bling also. Never seems to be enough time and should of started a couple weeks earler than I did.

So Proud of our little baby girl APRIL

Our baby girl April, graduated last week from ASU College of Nursing. We are so proud of her. It's been a long difficult journey. She has already been offered a job and hasn't even taken the final test needed to be a licensed RN. She is so excited to begin her new and exciting career and have REAL health benefits and not have to pay for them.  All of her hard work has definately paid off. Such a honor to watch her grow from a child into a beautiful women. She had a drean and never gave up on it.  I know for sure she will make a difference.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Flowers

Learned how to make the cutest flowers from Rhonna at House of 3. Supplies needed, 1/2 yard fabric, fabric glue, circle pattern and any bling or jewel to go in the center of your flower, most importand a FLAME. Glass of water close by. You may want to start with a candle. I used a torch, the kind you light your candles with or fire place, gave me more contol and more heat. but be very careful as the fabic can burn very easily.  The flower is 8 cut circles, two of each size, however you can make it as thick as you want.  After the circles have been cut, the fun begins. you fold all pedals out of the way and holding only one slowly move over the flame. The magic is the petals are made by the end of the fabric actually melting. Hot glue on a hair clip or a pin. Amazing and so much fun. I made these for each of the girls on mothers day, and also small ones for the granddaughters.  I used a satin, and at 2.99 a yard you can make a basket full.   Rhonna recommends the best fabrics to use are any kind of synthetic (like polyester) fabric. I love satin, chiffon or organza for these flowers.  You can view Rhonna's complete instuctions here. Have fun!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

fabic flower

Watched Rhonna of House of 3 live wednesday night. She had great ideas she shared on making flowers out of fabic. I have lots of sashes that worked perfect for this project. Only took about 5 minutes to make. Add a clip or a pin and it can go on a shirt, in your hair or to emblish one of your favorite pages.

Still working on Getting my craft room orgainzed. such a good feeling.