Friday, May 21, 2010

April's Graduation Party

April's graduation party was a huge success, and so much celebrating her big day with family and great friends. My two closests friends flew out,  Brenna from Illinois and Gail from Georgia. They were such a big help in making the party go picture perfect.  Gail spent several days sewing custom table cloths for the cocktail height tables april rented. They were awesome and made with love. Brenna dipped chocolate, grapes and pretzels the entire morning. She could start her own business with her creations. They are both such sweet dear friends.  April had a couple requests, the big one was that I didn't cook, she didn't want me to have to stress and do all the work it would take preparing food for 70 guests.  So glad we hired a great caters, and everyone loved the food they prepared. April also wanted a DJ and a Bartender.  We weren't to sure about the DJ as we live in a neighborhood and not sure how the loud music would go over. Charlie went and talked to all the close neighbors and they were very understanding. The bartender was the best suggestion, as there was a professional handling the acohol and controled the evening well.  Although there was line dancing on the cool deck, no one ended up in the pool. We thought that was a sure thing.  Lots of great pictures taken by my daughter inlaw Jill, the are all posted on my facebook.  A night to remember for April and everyone close to her.  Here's a few pictures of what I did make. Painted two cheap clay pots with chalk board paint, added some gold ribbon and a flower, to hold forks and knives. Made a banner, with a little bling bling also. Never seems to be enough time and should of started a couple weeks earler than I did.


  1. You have great friends! Do they rent themselves out? We've got Justin's birthday coming up and I would just love anything dipped in chocolate...

  2. Kim,
    the green grapes were so good and easy, well except for the fact that you have to dip them "one" at a time. Yes that is a labor of love for sure. But did they go fast! As so different. i invested in a little chocolate melter from Michaels, $17 when using a 40% off coupon, and so worth it. Before I had to kept melting the chocolate and this is like a little mini crock pot but keeps the temp perfect the entire time your dipping each one of those little grapes.