Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Flowers

Learned how to make the cutest flowers from Rhonna at House of 3. Supplies needed, 1/2 yard fabric, fabric glue, circle pattern and any bling or jewel to go in the center of your flower, most importand a FLAME. Glass of water close by. You may want to start with a candle. I used a torch, the kind you light your candles with or fire place, gave me more contol and more heat. but be very careful as the fabic can burn very easily.  The flower is 8 cut circles, two of each size, however you can make it as thick as you want.  After the circles have been cut, the fun begins. you fold all pedals out of the way and holding only one slowly move over the flame. The magic is the petals are made by the end of the fabric actually melting. Hot glue on a hair clip or a pin. Amazing and so much fun. I made these for each of the girls on mothers day, and also small ones for the granddaughters.  I used a satin, and at 2.99 a yard you can make a basket full.   Rhonna recommends the best fabrics to use are any kind of synthetic (like polyester) fabric. I love satin, chiffon or organza for these flowers.  You can view Rhonna's complete instuctions here. Have fun!


  1. these flowers are awsome! thanks kim
    jill b

  2. Beautiful! Jill was showing me some she made the other day, and, wow. You got to love the progress given to womankind by one pyro that just happened to have some extra fabric on hand :)