Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Countdown

i absolutely love house of 3. if i had the time i would spend all day playing with all of the awesome digital images i have purchased from them. they can be used in so many different creatative ways, over and over, no mess no clean up just me and my laptop. my recent purchse is the christmas countdown numbers, and christmas boaders. since i still haven't finished making my christmas cards i don't have the time to make this Heidi Swapp Christmas countdown, her dec.5th post, but instead will use the beautiful countdown numbers on my blog and fb. love them. no pressure 17 DAYS, i haven't purchared one gift. well i heard yesterday something funny, mem only need ONE day to shop, christmas eve. i wonder could i ever do that, i think not. one of my brothers uses this method and seems to do just fine every year. this year is going to be simple for me, no added stress, enjoy the moments and memories we create with each other. way to much money is speant this time of year. i understand this is a personal decision as to what christmas means to them. i've been there more times then i care to remember. the commerical side is just nuts. when we must shop, what we must buy and how many.  just have the assembly left to my christmas cards, then mail, so on dasher, on dancer prancer and vixen......comet and cupid donner and blitzen........how did santa's reindeer get their names?


  1. i love that house of 3! I bought the kit heidi was selling from ce and today I got the jewlery kit. We'll see how much time I have to make these!lol

  2. have you ever had the opportunity to take a Heidi Swapp class? She is so creative and full of energy. My sister-inlaws took her Energy journal class. Lots of fun. Still need to get the energy to actually start journaling in it. Im just happy when I have a completed project that I can display. :)


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