Friday, December 18, 2009

Unsual Contact

Today Charlie and I were going to lunch, we were approached by a young man, maybe 25-30 walking through the parking lot.  He had a plastic gas can in his hand and asked if I had some money so he could go buy some gas. I responded sorry, no I didn't. He immediately moved on to the next car when a young women was getting her small children out of her car to take them to a movie, again he asked, do you have $7 to fill my gas can.  She began to dig in her purse looking for something to give him. She said I know I don't have $7.  I guess with each no he gets, he ups the amount needed to fill his 1 gallon gas can.
Not sure if she gave him anything but it was a new approach to pan handling, as that's against the law.
Funny thing is there was no gas station within a couple of miles from the shopping area he was strolling through.

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