Monday, October 5, 2009

My Father

Oh how I love all the old pictures. Especially ones of my parents. Now that they are both gone I appreciate them even more. this is one of my favorite ones of my dad. He loved to fly. After his heart attack he could no longer fly, however I remember after my son Charlie got his pilots license he took my dad up with him.  I know he was so proud of Charlie getting his pilots license. He loved being able to fly with Charlie as he was no longer able to go up himself. To my surprise when they retruned home, my dad told me Chralie let him do a landing, yikes! They both scored each other's landing. Those are the memories I know my son will cherish as do I. I sure miss my dad.

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  1. What a neat memory. I love how you are adding the frames and text to your pictures on the blog. I want to do that too, someday.


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