Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Break

Today is the first day of our week fall break. We slept in, had coffee then hopped on the motorcycle for an early morning ride to the Farmhouse in Gilbert for their famous breakfast.  It was our first time there, not much parking so we drove to the back of the building and parked, there appeared to be a back door intrance so when I saw someone who looked like an employee I asked if this door was the way in, and she said yes, so we followed her only to discover we were walking through their actual kitchen, right there with the short order cooks, "think it's kinda funny" and "I think it's kinda strange". May have been a bit of a language barrier. Small place only about 16 tables. If your ever driving down Gilbert road on the weekend you'll know where it is because there's always a long line waiting.  Food and service was good, but don't think I'd ever stand in a long line to get in. Always fun trying somewhere new, lived in AZ 30 years so good time to give it a try.Great weather, great ride, great company=perfect morning.

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