Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Stars

We had the family together for our Halloween party! Decorated the back yard, with spider webs, candles and a bon fire.  Cooked, hot wings, sliders, hot cheese dip, home made mac and cheese, and charlies favorite, texas sheet cake. A few of Aprils friends also joined us, Olivia and her daughter Isa, and Brea, who's just moved back to AZ. The kids all looked great. Charlie got creative with photo shop and put a few pictures on comic book covers.  I made halloween buckets for each of the little ones, filled with treats and a few crafts, plus a little halloween stuffed bear dressed as a kitty cat to top it off.
The little ones are growing up fast. I want to take advantage of the times they still enjoy dressing up in costumes and treasure the memories we make.

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  1. They all look so cute! yes, take advantage of them wanting to dress up, and be cute and fun about it. I spent the day yesterday looking for things to be Jim Morrissonof the doors, not so fun! Have a great weekend!


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