Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to our first born son.

Thirtyfour years ago we were blessed with our first child, our son Charlie. It was a cold snowy winter night in Danville Illinois when I went into labor. Charlie was working a night shift at an elementary school maintaince. We were trying to recall how I contacted him to let him know I was on may wayt to the hospital, (no cell phones way back then) neither one of us could recall, hence the importance of journaling.  We both we unsure what to expect, and excited at the same time.  A last minute decision was to deliver the baby by C-Section, baby's head appreared to be to big to fit out. Lucky me, very little labor but enough to know I was happy not to have to experience much more. Our Healthly baby boy came into the world at 10:38pm. We were both so young, but eagar to begin our lives as new parents.
 Tonight we celebrated Charlie's 34th birthday with him, his family and a few close friends. We are so proud of the fine young man he's become. You can't really ask for anything more than that. The years pass and before you know it your children have children of their own.  Family memories are the best.

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  1. You look so young! How old were you? 12 :) You may have been young but you sure did a good job raising a good man.