Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blank Canvas

Now that I have a totally empty room, Ive decided to turn it into my new craft room.  Currently my craft room doubles as the family office. Way to much going on in there now. Lots of furniture not much room to really spread out and be creative.

So now the fun begins.  A blank canvas and what to do. So for starts i went on craigs list to start searching for some vintage pieces of furniture that will serve as both storage and also functional, for printer, laptop, cricut and the list goes on.  Lots of hutches out there costs $50 and up. Im just not in the mood for painting anything so Im looking for white or black. Of course the first piece I feel in love with was way to much $950, dining room hutch but would be perfect, just have to figure out what to do with the wine rack....hmmmm but I love it and with my 10ft ceiling would fit perfect.  So I sent an email to the seller to see if price was firm. He said he would take $850. Charlie said "if you like it go for it", what a husband... i love that man! 

However still a bit much, as my last two pieces of furniture for my room were bought at consignment stores, my bookcase hutch was $50 had to paint it black, and a nice old side unit, $75 painted it also. Need some craft income to justify $850......May hit some consignment stores today to see whats out there. Until then the canvas remains blank. Lots of possiblites and ideas stiring around in my head.

Love this little piece, I know due to it's age and over all good condition, I shouldn't have painted it, but wanted all black furniture. Hmmm now Im attracked to the shabby chic white distressed hutch, see what i don't like to spend lots of money on my pieces. they may not be around long.


  1. love that white hutch thingy!!! you should go for it. i also love the black one you transformed. it would also look good in my house...
    jill b

  2. your so funny! yeah it would be nice but gotta keep to my craft budget.

  3. I envy your empty room. Leah's room is still furnished and she still "lives" there, but who is kidding who!


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