Friday, January 8, 2010

Magnet Calendar

Last summer House of 3 offered a summer project to create a magnet board to display their digital calendar.  i found a very large clip board that was covered in a striped canvas, but had metal flashing behing the canvas,.perfect and at only $8 clearance it was a great find. When I got it home I tore off the canvas, then primed the clip board and then painted with one of my favorite paints....chalk board paint.  Then I framed it out with some scrapbook paper giving it a vintage look. Printed off the days and months on card stock cliped them to a magnet and hung the days from a ring. I loved chalkboards and magnets, so I was pleased with the final project. .


  1. It turned out great, so pretty! I have that kit too. Love the giant clipboard idea, I have one from the kids, I'll have to make one too.
    Just love those House of 3 gals!

  2. That turned out really great! Love it!


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