Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunshine Today!

Some places to blog today.  Heidi is having another give-away here at Heidi's blog. Teresa also has several give-aways on her blog. Teresa Collins directed me to a new great find Scarlet lime, love these watches. Hotel picked out, plane tickets purchased for CHA this year in Anahiem, but thanks to the non-stop Arizona rain and poor landscape drainage our house took on water, lots of water. It's been 3 days of removing water, washing and drying 100's of towels, locating the leaks, removing drywall, wood floor and drying out the area. draining the flooded yard with 2 sump pumps, now how much fun is that? and to add to it, our washer went out just before the flooding. hows that timing. Yesterday spent the entire day doing laundry. I think today i will just relax, oh that's after I clean out the pool that is literally filled with leaves that the 50mph winds blew in. The sun is shining today and im getting out of the house to enjoy a nice long walk, so it's all good.

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