Friday, January 15, 2010

Combining Paper with Digital

This is why I love Photoshop and digital. The first picture is a canvas that was created out of a 24x30 canvas.  It was our "girls craft day"get together. We took 3x3 squares of scrapbook papar and covered our canvas's.  Each of us coming up wiht a different layout design.  Then added various emblishments, ribbon, ornaments, and yes Terri gave me a beautiful Butterfly to add to mine.. The idea was to later add christmas pictures each year.  the biggest challenge was getting the heavy card stock to stick to the canvas. Required lots of patience and trying different adhesives.  Loved the finished paper project, but then instead of adding my pictures,  I let adobe photoshop help me change my Christmas memory into a digital project.  Added pictures and stamps all using adobe photoshop right from my laptop.  Love It. no mess no clean up and done in about 30 minutes. Now See if up can spot all the digital fun.I had.....Once everyone is done, i want a picture of them all together.


  1. What a great project, I love the idea of adding to it every year. What adhesive did you use on the canvas? Love that line of paper!

  2. paper is my minds eye stack. had lots of great colors and glitter paper. used a super stong white glue, a 3m product I think. it was alot of fun. made a small canvas last year with 1x1 squares of paper and lots of embelishments. post on my fb under things ive created.


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