Monday, June 14, 2010

Treasure find of the day

While cleaning out the garage for about the 5th time, we do it almost every summer we come illinois. I always seen to find something new to hang on to. now does that tell you something. I manage to fill the truck and make a donation to the humane society thrift store and the womens shelter thrift store, but always try to save a little something for myself. this was my find. my typerwriter my father bought me in high school. It types in a cursive handwriting. Great condition and works perfect. Just need to seach out for some new ribbon for it. I still want one of those old tall black typerwriters in working condition, but still happy with this one.


  1. she's pretty! just what you were looking for. i love that when it happens.

  2. What a treasure! I'm sure you'd love it even if it didn't type in cursive but, wow, isn't that a great feature!

  3. Wow, I'm jelouse! That is one pretty machine!