Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back in the Midwest

I took my first road trip in over 30 years. Meaning the longest distance I've traveled by car has been 8 hours or less. Working for the airline we have done all of our traveling by air. We didn't want to have to rent a car for a month so we decided to change it up a bit and drive.  We had a cooler packed full of good food and drinks, lots of magazines to read, and the best traveling partner ever, my main man. Surprisingly it went alot faster than I had anticipated, doing most of the driving kept me occupied, but my traveling companion charlie is what really made the trip perfect! He can make me laugh at almost anything. here now and taking in all the midwest has to offer. The weather has been great, some rain here and there, but nice cool days so far.  First task Charlie took on was get the grass cut. Sure looks good. bad part, gonna have to cut it again in about 5 days.  Fields have been planted already by the farmer, growing beans this year, and they've just broke through.

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  1. Beautiful green yard! I love the cool breezes that come off of a green yard.