Monday, June 21, 2010

                                    Dining Train Car and My Home

This is a picture of the side of what used to be my home during my high school years. It has quite a history that goes along with it. My grandmother purchased 4 dining train cars for $400.
She made her home out of them. Built on a bathroom and a small cold wet basement and called it home for quite a few years. Each dining car was a room, master bedroom (lol) kitchen, living room and second bedroom.  When my father retired from the Army he thought it would be a great idea to move all 8 of us from a track neighborhood in California bay area back to the town he grew up in Illinois. My grandmother and grandfather left this property to my dad along with 4 acres of farm land. Imagine our faces as we pulled over the tracks and try to figure out where exactly our home was. It was surrounded by big trees of which 5 were apple trees. My room was actually the tail end of one of the cars that was the second bedroom my 4 brothers shared, and measured about 10x6, nice and cozy with a built in bunk bed, a closet and a very small window.  It had so many windows that when one of those midwest thunder stoms hit, I truly belived it was the end of the world. You know coming from California weather what did I know. My grandmother was quite the women, who would of even thought this could be done, let alone all by herself.. She was an amazing women who could just about do it all. I'm still looking for more pictues as my brother had it tore down over 10 years ago. He saw it as an eye sore and yes I saw it as so much more, now that I didn't actually have to live in it. but hey could of mad a little bed and breakfast out of it. He locked it up years before he tore it down, to scared to go in as the aminals had taken it over. Well it's part of my families history, some good memories of a simple life lived..

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  1. The women of that generation were just amazing. My grandmother won many prized possessions like a car and a mink stole writing essays for companies - I'm not sure if they were advertising gimmicks or not or ever published, but really, she won a car!

    I think its a shame the house was torn down. At least you have memories and (hopefully more) pictures!