Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My father has now been gone 10 years. I miss him so much especially today. I reflect back on the man he was and everything he taught me and continues to teach me. I know alot of who I am is due to him. I also know he lives on in my and I'll tell you how I know this. A few days ago I was cleaning his garage once again and trying to take inventory over what to keep and what to donate. Over the last 5 years I have make numerous donations to the humane society thrift store. I imagine I've kept that little store pretty stocked. Last week I filled the back of our truck with more of his stuff, treasures he would call them, but I figure if  someone can still make use of these items they won't go to waste. Even loading the truck, I felt my father with me.  Going through item by item with care and thinking "will I be able to use this, or will it serve a better purpose in a new home?" Ok I must admit there were still a few items that ended up back on the shelves, don't know why, I'll never use them...ever....but when I touch them and hold them I feel my father. I know it sounds crazy as it's only stuff, but if you knew my father you would understand. When I would ask him why he had a particular item or why so many he would just answer, because I'm gonna need it or someone I know will be able to use it.  I think it was partly from coming from the depression years.  Raising 6 kids also he never had much, but once we were all out of the house the collecting began, and continued for almost 35 years. Definitely some treasures, and definitely some serious junk, but nothing was junk to my dad. I look at everything now like my dad did, what can I make with that, or what can I do with that.  Unfortunately 35 years of collecting and never throwing out is hard to keep organized and even know what you have. I try to keep this in mind before buying anything.  So back getting back to my story, I did end up loading up the truck and headed to the thrift store to make my donation.  There was a quite large trunk I filled, but wanted it back to fill it again,  so I told the lady at the store that i would come back later in the day and pick it up once they were able to empty it out.  I return to pick it up and they have two huge dumpsters behind their store that they throw away al the junk they don't want or don't think will sell i guess, so as Im walking by it, low and behold right on top is a little roasting pan and rack brand new that I had in the truck. Ok don't they know good stuff when they see it, Hey is this me talking or my dad...hmmmm so I get out of the truck reach over and grab it! Crazy but it's going back to the garage. That's can't be me that has to be my dad. In five years I have made at least 20 trips to that little thrift store, and have also filled 3 4x8x12 foot dumpsters that went to the dump. I've made great progress but that little pan still has a home for now. 

He did have his moments of organization, years before organizing was even in style. Do you know what this is? just one of many of my dad's and now my treasures.  I love you DAD!

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  1. i think he also lives on in charlie b. he has some of those tendenacies with computers/computer parts...
    i'm glad you grabed those items, they once ment something to him, and now they are to you.
    i only knew him for a short time, but i miss him too. i have some fun memories with him that i will always remember.
    happy fathers day
    jill b