Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekend Warriors



One of my biggest pet peves is laminate sheets on exposed cabinets. When we picked out the cabinets for our home, we selected Cherry wood. Builder only offered, Maple natual, oak and Cherry. We have a beautiful 12 foot island. Unfortuantely the builder like all builders will cut corners where and when ever they can and finish all exposed cabinet backs with a veneer laminate sheets. I've always hated the laminate. They didn't look all that bad when we first moved in 7 years ago, but over time, Cherry wood will continue to darken, laminate being "fake" wanna like wood, doesn't.  So a project that I've wanted to do for at least the last 3-4 years is put real wood on the back and ends of my island and paint them black, as it's very difficult to match stains when using different types of wood species. So with the help of my loving hubby the weekend warrior project was on. All we needed to purchase was the beadboard slates that tounge and grove into one another and a can of black satin paint.  We didn't want a shinny gloss finish as the satin gives it more of a piece of furniture look to it. Also replaced the 4 white outlets with black outlets. (**make sure you turn off the power first). We Installed the wood slates in an evening, and painted the next morning. All that's left to do is put back all the wood floor corner round. We love how it turned out but the best part of course is we did it ourselves!

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