Thursday, September 16, 2010

Subway Art Party!

I love the look of subway art. thanks to Jen at tattertots and jello for hosting a Subway Art Party.  There were several ideas that really caught my eye. The romance and also the addresses. Since we've been married over 35 years wasn't sure I would be able to remember the actual street addresess but we did recall all names of the streets we lived on.  I purchased a 2x4 piece of MDF at home depot. They cut it in half so I had 2 2x2 pieces.  I knew I also wanted to give it a cavas thickness so I purchased 1x2 firing strips, and had them cut into 2ft pieces, giving me a total of 8. I purchased some really cheap paint at Michaels, 99 cents for a bottle large enough to do at least 10, and water based so easy clean up. I used a nail gun and attached the 2ft furing strips to the back of each piece of MDF. Painted black.  They are many different ways the actual lettering was accomplished. For my first attempt I decided to use my cricut and white scrapbook paper.  After doing a dry layout I then modpoded all the letters. Using a T-square to keep my lines as straight as possible. I let dry then brushed modpodge over the entire piece.
I liked the finished product but my second one will be a variation of font sizes and numbers.

I've already picked my words for the second one celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary, had a photo print made of it until I decide exactly my method for my second subway sign. For now it hangs on our refrigerator. 

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