Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celebrating 34 years together 9/14/2009

Where have the years gone.   I remember when I would hear that someone was celebrating their 25th or 30th wedding anniversary and think wow that's a long time together. Well here I am celebrating my 34th wedding anniversary to the most wonderful man in the world! He's absolutely the best and I'm blessed to be sharing 34 years with Charlie. As I think back to our wedding day, I remember how special my parents made our wedding, as we only gave them 6 weeks to plan the event. It was a beautiful and incredible day, shared with the man I love, family and friends. Now here we are 34 years later. 4 wonderful kids, (grown kids i add) , 3 amazing and beautiful grandkids. I know my kids are now the ones thinking.....34 years wow that's a long time. Well you just wait it to see how fast time passes by when your as blessed as I have been. I can only hope that we have 34 more together! That would make us 87 YIKES! that's not old right? There is no greater gift then to love and be loved.

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  1. Congratulations! You leave a wonderful legacy to your children and grandchildren.


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