Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back from Las Vegas

charlie and I spent the weekend in Las Vegas for our 34th wedding anniversary.  Also in Las Vegas at the time were two of my brothers, John and Eric.  We enjoyed going to dinner with the two of them and then Charlie and I went to the Beattles Love show at the Mirage.  The show was very entertaining with alot of great talent. We had awesome seats in the 4th row, charlie even had one of the entertainers come over to him to pour smoke on his head, guess he couldn't resist as Charlie was sitting right next to the stage where the various entertainers enter.  The Beattles songs were used as the shows music and with speakers in each of our seats the remix of the old songs sounded awesome. Of course we had to buy the CD before leaving. That town just continues to grow, and man the money that is spent in the casinos is ingrediable. No recession going on there. Nice quick visit, just right. More than a couple days in Vegas is to much.  After we were first married Charlie and I lived in Las Vegas during the off season of baseball.  Believe it or not it was hard for us to find employment as we were only 19yr and 20yrs.  I cleaned rooms at the Dunes hotel, then a candy gift shop in the MGM an Circus Circus. Crazy times back then.  Now we're celebrating 34 years of marriage! How great is that. I'm married to my best friend and the love of my life! Blessed for sure.

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