Thursday, September 24, 2009

After watching  Dr. Oz  yesterday I wanted to share something very interesting about Stress and women. He states that stress has gotten so out of hand today that doctors are saying 90% of all their visits are stress related, making it a crisis. Stress kills. Stress is destroying your body from inside out. Dr. Oz explains how this takes place within our glands. So I'm not alone out there. Another interesting comment was made my one of his guest  Dr. Kathleen Hall  founder and CEO of  The Stress Institue,who said "unlike men women are fear based and hold on to stress where men are able to detach". Her web site is one worth the visit to learn about chronic stress. Chronic stress can take 8 years off your lifespan. SELF care (her acronym) S- serenity E-exercise L-love E-eat.  My goal is to learn all I can about Chronic stress and what I can do to eliminate it.

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