Sunday, April 25, 2010

My space

I spent almost the entire day moving my craft room. April stopped by to help me move a couple pieces of the larger pieces of furniture but when she all all my "stuff" that needed to go back on and in the furniture she politely said "gota go do some stuff mom". she also said "mom you have so much stuff". Then off she went.  Charlie hung my large bullentin board for me. I told him if anything should happen to me, make sure my craft maddness goes to someone who will appreciate it. Hopefully that's a long way off and I've still got some craftin to do.  Now just need to find a tall table, and shelf out my closet and get some betting lighting. So glad my hubby's retired cus now he's Johnny on the spot to help me with what ever I need. I'm so lucky!

1 comment:

  1. A perfect crafting space! I used to think that the empty nest feeling would be a bad thing, but I am looking forward to a craft room myself.