Sunday, April 18, 2010

Class by Terri Brush

In honor of Charlie retiring, he went golfing for the day and i went and took a class to learn how to solder silver, metal stamp, make charms with glass and solder, wire wrap beads and when it was all said and done 8 hours later had my made a sterling silver bracelet.  The class was given by Terri Brush and given at the private home of  the owner of Melrose Vintage in Phoenix.  The class was amazing, and so was the house. The owner purchased it from the original owner who was 92 years old. Big rooms, lots of windows, and huge shade trees in the back yard. I was just as interested in the class venue as I was learning something new. There were about 24 women, most had soldered before so I was afraid I was going to struggle in keeping up as there was so much to learn. The class was given in a large room that was all windows, lots of great light.  It was 8 hours long and other than taking a break for a lunch that was served to us on the patio, we kept busy the entire time. No one even really wanted to break for lunch, but we did.  Lunch was served buffet style on this 10ft long old farm table, with a big beautiful chandelier hanging above it,

 and if that wasn't worth the trip alone, they had also set up a little melrose vintage right in the living room.  Papers, charms, embellishments, tools, ribbons, and jewelry to purchase.

 Don't really like to go to classes without someone I know, but made I did make some new friends from all over.  It was a fun filled day, learning, sharing our stories and lots of laughing.  opps...  Almost forgot to show off my bracelet.  I'm giving this to my daughter April who will be graduating next month from Arizona State University School of Nursing. "Dreams do come true"

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