Saturday, March 20, 2010

One Perfect Day

woke up to another beautiful arizona morning. coffee on the patio with my hubby and planing our day. Spring break week coming to and end. our not so distant retired life is going to be like spring break everyday, can't wait. Cooked breakfast then Charlie and i planned a motorcycle ride since the weather was so amazing. We went downtown Phoenix to look at some antinque stores. Lived here 30 years and never been down there. So a first for me. During our travels found the most amazing Shabby Chic store. now if that wasn't a find enough, it had two sides to the store. One was shabby chic, home decor, jewlery and one of a kinds. low and behold the second side was over the top scrapbookers dream. Can't wait to go back, they are open wed-sat. only.  came home cooked steaks on the grill and watching movies tonight at home with my hubby.  Here's just a peak, eye candy for sure. Definition of a perfect day.


  1. wanna go again? i have heard of this place, but have never been.
    jill b

  2. its amazing. unfortunately charlie was with me and he didn't think it was all that, just a bunch of chic stuff, lol

  3. I'm drooling... Oh to have somewhere near me to visit like that! I dream of owning a store like that someday!