Sunday, March 14, 2010

Love Teresa Collins new Mr and Mrs line

I'm a sucker for picture frames. One of my favorite gifts my husband gave me several years ago was an 11x14 digital picture frame.  It sits right in our family room and holds over 500 picutres. Whats' so awesome about it is every time you walk by it's displaying a different photo. I love being able to see pictures we have taken over the last 34 years. Each one sparks it's own special memory, and like I mentioned before, pictures show we've lived.  There's no more deciding which picture to put into what frame and they where to display all the 100's of frames. So now I use the frames I've collected to display the papers I love. This is Teresa Collins new line Mr. and Mrs and the paper roses i learned how to make from Stephane Ackerman.  Stephanie's rose instructions are probably the BEST $3 you'll spend. So easy and No two roses are the same and they can be used for home decor, or your scrapbooking creations.  Visit their blogs and see how creative Teresa and Stephanie are with roses they've created. endless possiblities.

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  1. very pretty. i also love that digital frame. i love watching the photos change. and i also love the memories it reminds me of.
    jill b