Sunday, November 15, 2009

Say a little prayer

I got a text last night......Linda is a coworker friend who has been fighting lung cancer since June. Unfortunately the doctors never gave her much hope however she still made the decision to fight the battle of her life. She is the person you want to have as a co-worker, and friend. Great personalty, hard worker, always supportive of everyone.  She is an awesome mother of two, a son and daughter who just started her college at ASU. Our work group got together and shared makiing the family meals a couple days every week. We also made a quilt for her to take to her chemo treatments as the room is kept pretty cold. We each got a 8x8 square to add to the quilt with anything we wanted. It turned out awesome.  I understand that with all she has been going through her concerns are for her family. Thats just the type of person she is. Loving and giving. Life isn't fair. What I hate the most is that she started treatments in hopes of giving her more time with her family, however the chemo made her so sick over the last 3 months that this was also taken from her. She deserves that quality time with those she so dearly loves.  Is it to much to ask for a few months of not being so sick you can't get out of bed, I don't think so. How bout just a few days of just holding your kids close to you.  We don't know what having a bad day really is. How grateful we should all be for our health.  There's are no Ordinary moments....
She has had a couple of bad days and the extending family has now been called in.  I pray that she won't be taken from us so soon.  My heart aches so as I remember those last two weeks at my mothers bedside.  As our loved one slowly depart this world from us our hearts break.

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  1. i remember you telling me about your friend, linda. i believe with all of my heart that girlfriends are sent to us, as a blessing, from God. it is hard when we see them suffering. we would take their pain if we could. she is blessed to have you as a girlfriend. i'll keep her and her family in my prayers.
    jill b