Saturday, November 21, 2009

A New Day


Moving forward from a very difficult week. Trying to be upbeat and productive. Proud to say I have completed my first holiday project. A Christmas Countdown Calendar. I love magnets and projects that include magnets. Saw this cute project at Papervineyard and made it my own as they were out of all the paper products they used to make their display, hate that.  The grandkids love the countdown thing no matter what the occasion.  I covered an old metal book stand, I think that's what it was, (i love to use things i just have sitting around waiting to take on a new life, that's my dad in me!) with Bobunny's St. Nick toyland, St Nick Sugar plum paper. Put my wonderful cricut to work cutting out all my numbers and words.  Still think I need to emblish the magnet clip that holds the numbers, kinda blahhh. Let the countdown the realo countdown won't begin until Dec. 1st, just put the 35 there for a test run as i was so excited to have it completed and it's only Nov.21st. :)


  1. i like yours better! makes me want to get involved in christmas right now...
    jill b