Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Island Expansion

My island surface measures 24x48, however when Home Depot cut the MDF for the top, I also saved the 14x48 remaining piece. I knew there would be times when I would want a larger work surface. I also had the extra piece of plexiglass. I purchased 2 shelf brackets for $3 each from IKEA that hook on with 2 screws and easy to pop off when not needed.  This allows me to quickly expand the island surface for big projects.  I will add a couple of hooks to the back of the extension and just hang it on the island when not using.  Originally I was going to do a drop leaf design for the extended island, but at this point I just wanted quick and simple. Perhaps late I will go back to the drawing board, but for now this will work just fine.

If you can stand the maze of IKEA you can find unusual items for cheap.  I just don't like walking the entire store when looking for a specific item. I managed to get in an out pretty quick so it was worth the trip this time. There have been plenty of times however that I have just left my cart standing when I felt like I was having to work to hard to spend my money. Day of Little patience I guess.

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