Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another project crossed off the list---TWO Projects

We have been in Illinois at our little farm house going on our 4th week.  Each summer trip out we set a few goals of what we want to complete while there.  Two projects that topped our to do list, were facelift for the little laundry/mud room and add an island to our already beautiful country kitchen. Proud to say we have finished BOTH, with two days to spare.... One day left for general clean up around the property and one day for packing up the truck. Didn't buy anything....surprise so we should be taking back exactly what we brought.
I really enjoy making something look the best possible, so the laundry room was in need... It had orange viynl, bright orange, and a bright gold door leading out to the garage. The entire room 9x12 got primed and then painted, new floor and baseboards, new fan, and new electrical. Quite the under taking for such a small room. So happy with the outcome. So thankful to have a husband who jumps right in and helps with it all, and he can do it all beautifully.  This first picture is one half of a cabinet that hung on the wall.. yes my father hung it many many years ago, how do I know this. Well it had a total of 12, yes that was TWELVE lag bolts, I think a 300lb person could of hung from it with no problem.  It had to came down. Will build new shelving next trip out.

This is a picture of the VERY dated floor. Just got tired of looking at the color ORANGE, so yet it had to go also... new wood floor to replace. Pergo wears so well I love it.
                                                  No more bright yellow door, nice and cream.

 We will be building a little wall around the AC Unit so you don't have to stare at all the PVC coming out of it.....sorry dad I know you had a plan here.

My best remodeling partner EVER! I love that he dives right in to help me and we don't kill each other doing it. I'm very lucky!

I purchased this simple little hutch a few years back at Hobby Lobby. I'm going to paint it black, but that will have to be next trip I think.

The kitchen gets a new island.  When we had the kitchen remodeled a couple years ago, we ended up with two 36 base drawers that weren't quite square, so Menards just let us keep them, that was a BIG score, as they were $375 each.  I knew that I eventually wanted to make an island with the. Well it happened finally this trip.  Charlie, bolted the two of them together, heck remember we had 12 extra lag bolts we could use from my dads wall cabinet. Then I ordered a new counter top, (won't be in till after we leave) .  Then we had some left over beadboard, and since the cabinets had beadboard doors, this would be perfet to trim out the ends of our new island.  They were primed, then two coats of paint, and trimed out and new drawer pulls. Love it to pieces! Now there is a 38x50 working surface.  I now my dad has to be smiling down on this one. He loved to cook and I know he would be proud of what Charlie and I have done to improve what we can.. We have put our heart and souls into it. I'm blessed to be married to a man who understands what this really means to me.


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