Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Zella.......again

What a beautiful day to celebrate Zella's birthday at the park with family and friends.  Jill's decorations were awesome, and love that I have a dil who loves to create as I do. Her Happy Birthday Banner was so adorable, gonna have to make one myself for my blackboard, seems like we are always celebrating someone's birthday. That's one of the joy's of having a big family. Fun day, Zella is growing up so fast

I decided to make my cake pops from Bakerella. They are so easy and a big hit. Thanks to a friend who introduced me to Bakerella's blog. The possibilites are endless. Course you also learn as you go along, I must admit I've dropped a few pops off their sticks into the hot melting chocolate, only to have my grandaughter shoot out "grandma I'll eat that one!". I was lucky to get the new Bakerella book for Christmas. filled will so many ideas, most of which i know i'll never make, way to much detail. but I take after my father and his love and obsession for books, espcially the ones with great pictures.  If you have time, take a moment to read Angie Dudley's story, inspiring for sure. Hey when Martha Stewart has you on her show you know you've created something special. For me the payoff is just putting a smile on someone's face after they've eaten one of my little goodies, but if Martha ever calls hey......I'm there.

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